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Interactive Art

abstract images with a heartbeat sensor ,2007
Heart beat Drawing V2.0
Boston cyberarts festival 2007
Boston globe review

Robotic art

RF firefly
communication robot, 2006

environmental data - sound installation

birdsong- co2 bird
electronic sound interactive work ,2007

VR- Arcade project

virtual reality
in the VR cave , School of the art institute of chicago, 2006

Arcade project

Rhizome Artbase

interactive installation

star journey
On going, interactive work, 2007

sound light interactive installation

meaningful, meaningless
sound light interactive work, 2007

environmental data drawing

Environmental Data Drawing
weather drawing,Drawings with data, 2007

Sublime in the simulacra space

New Media abstract
new sublime in the simulacra space

Rhizome Artbase

Graphic Book

GENESIS- the new world in the cyberspace
Graphic book

book sample

lighting design

lighting design
the study of recycling , ecology, sustainability... ,2007

recent exhibition: automatic drawing exhibition

unexpected token:
an exhibition of lgorithmic drawings
human color barcode


Curated by Tiffaney holmes
May 26~ june 14,2006
nova art space
840 W.Washington, chicago, IL
"Code is the only language that is executable"; //Lev Manovich

interactive art-HEARTBEAT drawing

heartbeating drawing version1.0
Rhizome Artbase

heartbeating drawing version2.0

processing - PIXEL


interactive art-electronic action painting

action painting v.2-responsive drawing


http://rhizome.org/object Rhizome artbase link,2001
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